Top Ten Reasons to Use Rapid Action Profits

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Please consider the following, and feel free to comment with your reasons for using Rapid Action Profits. If you don’t use RAP, please consider commenting on what might be missing…

10. One time payment
Right now, upgrades to the Rapid Action Profits script system are FREE. Support for RAP, via the active forum, and through the helpdesk, is also FREE. It has been discussed, that maybe sometime in the future, an upgrade fee may be charged for purchasers of RAP after a certain date. Details about this upgrade charge are sketchy, and may not apply to people who have already bought RAP.

9. Unlimited Installs
Purchase the RAP script once, and install it on an unlimited number of domains that you own. You can use this benefit to match keyword rich domain names with the product(s) you wish to sell. The only limitation here, that I can think of, is how many domains do you want to buy? If you have 1,000 domains (or more, with matching products), you can install Rapid Action Profits 1,000 times, for no additional charge!

8. Unlimited Products
With a single installation of Rapid Action Profits you can set up, and sell, an almost unlimited number of different products, variations of products, or what have you. All of these products would be set up through, and controlled by, a single administration interface. The only limitation I can possibly think of, might be a limitation of, or on, the number of folders you can have in one hosting account!

7. Discount Coupons
There are few tried-and-true incentives that can beat COUPONS! Inside the administration panel of your Rapid Action Profits installation, for each of your products loaded, is the ability to set up time-limited discount coupons. These discount coupons are great for allowing certain affiliates the ability to promote special offers, for special holiday promotions, or any other reason you might want to offer a discount to potential customers.

6. Download Link Protection
Face it, there are those who would try to STEAL your product(s). All the time and effort you’ve put into the creation of your product, all your profits GONE at the simple share of a download link, found on a search engine. With the facility to time-limit your download link(s), and the protection afforded by the RAP system, thieves are turned away! In fact, unless RAP gets notification from Paypal that a payment is valid, there’s no download link shown at all.

5. 100% Commission for Affiliates
You can set up 100%, or any whole number variable, commission rates for potential affiliates of your products. This is a wonderful way to help build your list! There’s even the option available to pay 2nd tier affiliates; that is first tier affiliates can get people to sign up under them, and those folks can earn money too!

4. One Time Offer System
There are any number of ways you can utilize RAP’s One Time Offer system. You can offer up a free report for an e-mail opt-in, and once the visitor clicks the subscribe button, present them with a related offer immediately. Or, offer them an upgrade option as soon as they make their payment and return from paypal. Statistics show that when the “wallet’s out” is the best time to offer related purchases.

3. Instant Commissions for Affiliates
In addition to being able to set up varying commission percentages for affiliates, is the added lure, for them, of getting PAID INSTANTLY for every qualified sale they make. Instead of waiting for weeks (or months, like some affiliate programs do; clickbank , paydotcom, amazon ), affiliates for a Rapid Action Profits enabled site get paid as soon as a qualifying sale is made!

2. Built-in E-mail Database
For each and every customer you acquire using Rapid Action Profits, whether through a sale, or through a giveaway, you collect their e-mail address automatically. Inside the RAP admin panel is a function to send e-mail to these people, without leaving your site! Custom tokens are also available to insert various data; such as customer name, product name, and so on. Also, there’s the ability, within RAP, to integrate with most major brand autoresponder services!

1. Increased Profits with Split Testing
With Rapid Action Profits managing your sales process, profits come much easier to you. RAP’s split testing of sales pages ensures the best converting one gets displayed to your site’s visitors, automatically. No other system, at the price point of Rapid Action Profits, has this valuable feature!

Bonus Reason… ADD-ONS – RAP has introduced add-on technology allowing for timed subscription payments, membership sites, wordpress integration, pay-per-view video, and more… All this makes the Rapid Action Profits script a strong choice in ecommerce solutions.

Please make comments/suggestions if I’ve left anything out…

Thanks, and…

Be Well!
ECS Dave

Rapid Action Profits (complete “core” script)

Rapid Action Profits 3 Pay (same as above)

Rapid Action Profits MemberPlus (“core” plus membership add-on)

Rapid Action Profits MemberPlus 4 Pay (same as above)

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24 Responses to “Top Ten Reasons to Use Rapid Action Profits”

  1. Robert Johnson from computer repair Bracknell writes:

    I’ve been using … no, scratch that … PROFITING with RAP for several months now.

    I used to think that to list your own offer online, you simply needed: a product, a domain name, hosting and a merchant account. Not anymore. My offers don’t go live if RAP isn’t what powers them… my info products, my software, my quick offers are all powered by RAP now. One of the single best and most useful software products I have ever bought.

  2. Sam Muller from computer repair Wokingham writes:

    The most important benefit of RAP is that you have to set up the admin panel only once on your domain. All products you sell from there are handled by this admin panel. You only have to specify the details for each product that you sell from there.

    Installing the admin panel is a breeze, but you have to know how to setup a database. Once you’ve done that, you send the details to the admin panel and you’re ready to go.

  3. sarah from body wrap shapewear writes:

    This is very good to be true! A friend installed it but it showed an internal server error. It seems like its a kind of bug on it, but easily resolved.

  4. Jim Klain from Technical Stock Screener writes:

    Rapid Action Profits is a php script that runs on most all cpanel enabled webhosts. Rapid Action Profits has also been changed to reflect the different technologies and better ways of doing things on the internet to make an income while staying at home (or wherever you want to be).

  5. Jeremy Paulson from teenage driving school nj writes:

    Look, you may be a technically savvy person that knows how to setup blogs and websites and could do them quickly, but it takes a long time to setup new websites for products you might have the rights to. So, after studying about Rapid Action Profits, I saw it could save you a lot of time, and once you get past the set-up phase you will wonder how you lived without it…

  6. Scott from Link Building Services writes:

    Another big plus is that you can add as many sales pages per products as you wish. They’re even cookied, so a visitor will always see the same sales page. That makes Rapid Action Profits a great split testing tool. You can find out very quickly which sales page sells best and use that as a control, to be beaten by others.

  7. Jacob from commercial flooring writes:

    A unique payment methodology allows you to pay affiliates and JV partners automatically (and immediately), so it’s easy to get others to promote your offers and you don’t have to waste time figuring out when or how much they should get paid! You don’t have to cut affiliate checks, do mass pays, or even send out 1099′s at the end of the year.

  8. Tom from Acad training writes:

    There are literally hundreds of people, from all walks of life, who are using Sid Hale’s php script called Rapid Action Profits to do just that. Willie Crawford uses Rapid Action Profits. Patrick Pretty, Stephanie Mulac, David Schwartz, Ross Goldberg, Mike Paetzold, David Preston, Richard Wing, Bev Clement and many others are happily adding thousands of dollars to their bank accounts with Rapid Action Profits!

  9. Alex from Bacon Tray Microwave writes:

    Dave, most users use firefox with noscript plugin, and the landing page of RAP – is very bad loading.. :(

  10. Robert from New Forest Hotels writes:

    Rapid Action Profits script is an affiliate management script by Sid Hale that is a all-in-one marketing system that controls lead capture, split-testing, payment processing, affiliate payment, secure downloads, one-time offers, and much more. It installs easily
    and you can put it on as many sites as you want!

  11. Homes For Sale Salt Lake writes:

    I agree, most important benefit of RAP is that you have to set up the admin panel only once on your domain.

  12. Homes For Sale Spring writes:

    I like the fact that you can add as many sales pages per products as you like.

  13. Joanne from kitchen utensil holder writes:

    Actually I have the same problem as Alex about regarding the Firefox plugins. It loads awfully bad.
    .-= Joanne@kitchen utensil holder´s last blog ..Utensil Caddy =-.

  14. ECS Dave writes:

    I installed, then checked the RAP link(s), the noscript add-on for firefox and didn’t see any issues… Only thing I noted was that some “scripts” were blocked, however the page loaded just fine for me.

    Be Well!
    ECS Dave
    .-= ECS Dave´s last blog ..Rapid Action Profits Download =-.

  15. Vampiress Costumes writes:

    I don’t use RAP simply because I’ve never heard of it. I’m quite new to internet marketing though so that doesn’t really surprise me. I’m going to look more into RAP and how it all works. Thanks for the info.
    .-= Vampiress Costumes´s last blog ..Privacy =-.

  16. cash in 1 hour writes:

    Really interesting and informative post dear! I really love to read all these 10 topics and agree with these all.

    Thanks for share…

  17. kiran writes:

    No doubt it is good for Affiliate Marketing, and people who are doing vendors of click bank should use RAP.

  18. Link Building writes:

    I don’t know much about RAP. how can it develop my business. Thanks.

  19. Reglazing Now Corp writes:

    I really like the topic..i can learned some ideas here.

  20. Avcan from Bathtub Refinishing Corp writes:

    so interesting to learn the rapid action profit!

  21. Los Angeles Computer Repair writes:

    I haven’t use RAP since then but I have read many good reviews about it. I maybe trying RAP sometimes this weekend because I am kinda busy on weekdays.

  22. Google SEO writes:

    Rapid Action Profits will greatly benefit any website owner selling one or more digital products

  23. Same day payday loans fast writes:

    I have used RAP since last year, this is a great tools for business.Rapid Action Profits is the combination of all these components and more in one easy-to-use sales and marketing system! it is perfect tool for selling online product and using a 100% commission affiliate program.

  24. Rachel from merchant processing writes:

    Link protection is very important. I like that the payment has to be valid before the download link is shown.

    Refer A Friend using Revolution Money ExchangeFeed Shark