Let’s Get SOCIAL! (Do You Like Me?)

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I just uploaded a short video to youtube, and was prompted to upload it by something I did, and… something I read. The something I did, well that’s not really important in the context of this post, but… the something I read is.


I was over perusing the reuters news site, when I saw some interesting news. One of the world’s largest search engines (and one of the largest advertisers), Google, is implementing a “Like Button”!

Google Inc. will begin allowing users to personally endorse search results and Web pages, its latest attempt to stave off rival Facebook Inc while trying to jump onboard a social networking boom.

Fascinating, eh? It appears the upstart Facebook (lol, upstart) is eating away at the big G’s advertising revenue. Loads of advertisers have flocked to the web’s “Social Network”, to try and entice the visitors there to click on their ads. Apparently, google is seeing some revenue loss?


If that weren’t interesting enough for you, how’s this?

Google said that +1 recommendations will also appear in the paid ads that Google displays alongside its search results. In its internal tests, Google found that including the recommendations boosted the rates at which people click on the ads…

Seems like that might just be something for adwords advertisers to consider when writing their ads, right? Now they’re going to have to write not only to make a sale, but to get a +1 click too… Hmmmm.

Now, I like google as much as the rest of the world, and if the numbers ain’t lying, that’s a lot. I have to wonder though, about this:

Google’s Matt Cutts, a principal engineer for search, said the +1 buttons were part of the evolution of Google’s own social search efforts, rather than a direct response to Facebook’s Like buttons.

Now, before we all start getting worried whether or not someone “likes” our site(s) or not, and how that might affect where those sites appear in the SERPs, check this out:

Currently Google is not using +1 recommendations as a factor in how it ranks search results… [but] Google’s Cutts said the company is evaluating whether to use +1 recommendations as a ranking factor in the future.

Things that make you wonder, eh? Anyway, my recommendation (along with the recommendations of many others) for ranking well in the SERPs is to provide the potential visitor with USABLE, relevant, and “readable” content. The same things that the big G has been saying all along…


The quotes above, are from the story published by reuters on this page. They are used in the context of reporting search engine news and developments.

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2 Responses to “Let’s Get SOCIAL! (Do You Like Me?)”

  1. mihaela from grilaje ferestre writes:

    i never though of facebook as a seo instrument, i’d better do

  2. Sam Bercy writes:

    Social networks such as facebook are very useful for site promotion. But do not forget about the other methods. As for the video – thanks, I think all it will be useful to see it.


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