Social Buzz, Google’s +1, and Extra Cash Systems!

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Much ado has been, and is being made about “social buzz” and Google’s latest announcement about “+1″. I think it’s fascinating the “buzz” around all this.

Now, I am NOT dismissing anything here, because the thing is, is this, there’s been “social buzz” from the “git go” of the internet. How else do you think that Mr. Gore knew about the “internet”? Someone told him!

Now we have Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Google… Arguably the most popular, and visited sites on the internet. And again, they got to be that way through “social buzz”. Usually through someone emailing someone else about something they found.

Then, some bright individual came up with “bookmarking” sites, a way for people to “share” their favorite places on the internet. From there, the search engines used those sites to figure out that the bookmarked places were important to those who were bookmarking them, so they began to give those bookmarked sites better placement in the SERPs.

Along came the SERP-gamers, who thought to themselves that they would “fool” the search engines (Google and Bing – we know that Yahoo! has been absorbed by Bing, right?) by building “fake” bookmarking sites, and bookmarking their web properties. Soon, the search engines caught onto that, and the benefits the “gamers” were deriving all but vanished.

Then, we got some popular forums, and “social networking” sites like Facebook, etc. and things really began to heat up. I don’t know, but there are probably millions of new websites going up every day, and that’s got to put a certain amount of resource taxation on the search engines. You know, to index, and then display the “relevant” results to the searcher, from among all of those sites, both old established ones, and the new ones.

To get to this latest announcement, regarding the +1… In case you didn’t know it, Google has long been tracking the clicks you make on a search result. You may hover your mouse over a result, and see the url for the result on the status bar of your browser, BUT when you actually click on that link, you first send a request straight to a google computer. There, that click is tallied, then you get sent to that url, the website you wanted to go.

If you ask me, your Traffic Master, that’s what I’ll call a “hidden +1″, because those clicks all add up, relative to the search query, to boost the particular clicked result. The more clicks a certain result gets, the higher the search engines will rank it. Almost goes without saying, right?

Sure, I think the “+1″ will generate some “buzz”, just like the Facebook “like” button did, the same way the bookmarking sites did, and so on…

The best thing you can do, as a business website builder/webmaster, is to continue to create genuine, relevant content for your potential visitor. Create a fair amount of it, and submit your sitemap to the search engines, following their guidelines for doing so. If you’re creating content that someone wants to view? They’ll find it…

I hope you found it educational, and RELEVANT, to what you need to profitably build your Extra Cash Systems…

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14 Responses to “Social Buzz, Google’s +1, and Extra Cash Systems!”

  1. Danny from Realtor Directory writes:

    Time will tell with Google +1 I think alot of people have opinions on it before it ever was released.
    Danny @ Realtor Directory´s last [type] ..What makes a tech savvy Realtor

  2. Andreas from Blog Advertising writes:

    I am not really a fan of +1′s and like’s, its too black and white for me. What if some type of content is better than the other, more relevant, but both have the same number of likes? It would be better to rate from 1-10 or so.

  3. haibo writes:

    Well, it’s going to be nice to see what will come out from this +1 :) Great discussion, thanks!
    haibo´s last [type] ..What to Include in Your Child Custody Agreement

  4. USA web designing compamy writes:

    Google+1?? this some thing new for us. let see what is it. so it is must to know about this. thanks for sharing your idea here.

  5. Gurgaon Escorts writes:

    After reading this post everyone can get complete information. Matter of this post is most valuable and written in good manner. This post has some very important aspects got cleared in my mind. I am completely satisifed. I like visit again.

  6. Cash till payday writes:

    With +1 button, Google has come up to compete against Facebook and there will be comparisons drawn between the two companies.

  7. Sam writes:

    Time will tell with Google +1 where a lot of people give opinio even before is released ….
    Sam´s last [type] ..Sardinia Beach Villa House Torre delle Stelle Sea side

  8. Nabil from förstoppning writes:

    I’ve been using the like button facebook’s been offering for a while, and I’m loving it. Especially on facebook.

    The +1 from Google is just a freakin’ rip-off and I truly hate it. Just shows that Google will be defeated by some other search engine or company in a matter of time.

    Also, it shows that Google and facebook are competitors. Don’t ya think? ;)

    Excuse my English, I’m from Sweden.

    Nabil@förstoppning´s last [type] ..Symptom när man drabbats av förstoppning

  9. Joel Tax from Cle Elum Real Estate Agent writes:

    I think the social media will take over SEO work. We will all have to actually find people that like our work. Tough but more reliable for actual searches.

  10. Daniel writes:

    Well! Incredible! Nice! It’s always good to get cash =)
    Daniel´s last [type] ..Layouts

  11. Matthew Perry from AVIC-X930BT writes:

    Social media will eventually take over but not in a couple of years. They will also have to alter social media sites to suit content publishing. For now, like you said, we should just keep building quality and unique content and will should do just fine… for now. :)


  12. Sue from Earn Money Online writes:

    Initially SERP’s were pretty much defined by on-page ranking factors, than we had off-page ranking factors (backlinks) become crucially important and the next big thing will be visitor behavior on site: bounce rate, time on site…
    Sue @ Earn Money Online´s last [type] ..Paid Surveys – The Best Way To Earn Money Online Without Investing

  13. ECS Dave writes:

    As I mentioned, google (and some of the others) already gather, and likely compile that data. However, it does good to mention it again, for those who are unaware of that fact.

  14. Luis Escala writes:

    I read the post and seems very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Waiting for more post from you.

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