Outsourcing a Kindle Book (ALERT!)

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Remember a few days ago, I posted
a little post about the Kindle <- Click the link to read again…

Well, I just learned of something related to the Kindle, and publishing on it, that YOU might want to check out:

Dennis Becker wrote:

When I started my Kindle case study, I used a book that had been done for me years ago, and I was showing people how to take that source document, format it for Kindle, and turn it into an income stream.

I’m in this, btw… ;)

One of the first questions I had (which I hadn’t originally intended to answer) was “how do you recommend people find outsourcers to write books for us?”.

Fair question, so I asked my partner Rachel Rofe to put up a little video about that, which was wildly popular.

She became so enthused about the subject that she worked with James Jones to talk about the same thing in one of his webinars, which was part of a $597 mega course about Kindle.

I believe I was on that webinar, it was about Kindle Triangulation, if I recall correctly…

Now she and James have put together a course, titled “Outsourcing a Kindle Book” which is nothing like you’ve ever seen before, and you have a chance to see for less than the cost of a cheese pizza (even if you had a coupon).

==> Outsourcing a Kindle Book

And even though the price is so cheap, you get it all, however you like it… videos, mp3′s, transcripts, mind maps, nothing was held back, even at that price…

Kindle obviously is a hugely popular and lucrative recurring income stream possibility.

You can definitely make passive income with it, and with the information in this course, you’ll learn how to do so without having to do the writing yourself.

After all, you can probably get more ideas than you have time to write about, so why put brakes on your income?

All you need to have is an idea, do the niche research, and have someone else do the writing for you.

I’ve been telling people for a while now, self publishing is definitely the best opportunity that’s come along this century.

Do you want a chance to harness the possibilities?

==> Outsourcing a Kindle Book

James Jones is one of the top Kindle experts online. Rachel is probably THE top outsourcing expert online.

Together they’ve put together a course worth probably 100 times what they’re charging today (but only through the 19th).

In fact, Rachel did exactly what she’s teaching in this course to have a book written for her last year, and she’s been making over $2000 a month income from just that one book since then.

All she had was an idea and an outside writer. Now you can learn how to do what she did…

For a ridiculous price, which is time sensitive, you’ll have the chance to learn how to build a recurring income stream that, once set up, will continue to come to you month after month, due to the incredible marketing power of Amazon.

I highly recommend checking this out before the price increases:

==> Outsourcing a Kindle Book

Have a spectacular day.

Dennis Becker, the 5 Buck Guy

P.S. I said “time sensitive” because this is only available at its current price through April 19th. Get your hands on this now…

==> Outsourcing a Kindle Book

I got this, and I tell you what, I think it’s pretty darn good!

I give it the ECS Dave seal of approval –

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