Site Flipping (Accelerated)

accelerated flipping profits

There are very few things that people can do online to generate $5,000+ in a day.

You’ve probably been lead to believe that it is simple and everybody is doing it.

2 months, 6 months… a year later and you are still struggling just to make a few bucks.

I’ve been there.

And it gets worse when you actually see people doing it, but can’t figure out how.

It’s like the carrot dangling in front of your face that you just can’t reach.

One of those ways that you CAN make that much is site flipping.

Go to and check out some of the auctions. There are some that are going for 5 figures (or more)!

They must know a secret…

Well guess what? Now here’s your chance to be in on the “secret”.

Accelerated Flipping Profits

My friend Jonathan Heusman has successfully flipped many sites for 4 figures or more and is revealing every single thing he knows that enabled him to do so.

You will learn what types of sites flip for the most, how to attract high-end buyers, how to position your listing and a ton more.

The great thing, he keeps it short and to the point so you can take the information and take action.

Accelerated Flipping Profits

Whether you have flipped sites before or are completely new to site flipping, everything that you need is laid out.

You want to make $5,000+ in one day? Or maybe you’d be happy with $1,000 even?

This will show you how.

Accelerated Flipping Profits

Disclaimer: I received an advance review copy. Jon and I are both members of a paid membership site (E1KaD), where many of the members consider each other “family”. It is there where Jon and I met.

Accelerated Site Flipping Profits is a concise and succinct course on the business of generating income from the acquisition, or creation, of websites for the purpose of selling said websites. This course should not be confused with “domaining” or, buying and selling domain names.

In ASFP, Jon shows how one takes a complete website, from start to finish, list it for sale in the marketplace, and profit. Included are case studies, listing checklists, an audio interview (includes transcript) with an “insider”, and more.

As someone who has studied this particular business model, I found ASFP to be a very good course on how to get started in the “site flipping” area. Highly recommended…

Be Well!
ECS Dave

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