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ECS DaveI am ECS Dave,
the masterful, wonderful and exceedingly lovable webmaster of all the domains I own… (for reference, the ECS stands for Extra Cash Systems)…

First off, thanks for visiting. I do sincerely appreciate you investing YOUR time to visit MY ramblings. I just want to mention that your visiting here, I feel, is just like you visiting me at my home. I’m happy to let you watch my TV, listen to my Stereo, read my “literature”. Please don’t steal it, mark on it or otherwise treat my stuff any different than you would have me treat yours. Of course, that applies to all of my sites, blogs, what-have-you.ECS Dave's LOGO

I’m sure that you’re wondering what qualifies me to even have a blog about Extra Cash Systems, aren’t you? Well, I’ve been online for quite sometime, doing “research” about various ways to supplement my income. Some of the ways I’ve found worked for me, and some didn’t. I’m continually seeking out education in this area and am sharing what I’ve learned here. If that doesn’t qualify me, well, I’ll say it again… Thanks for Visiting!

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