Affiliate Rescue Review

Affiliate Rescue ReviewSo, you want to earn money with affiliate marketing but don’t want to invest in Pay-per-click or get mixed up with complicated SEO tactics or outrageously expensive membership sites. I’ll tell you this then, Affiliate Rescue is exactly what you need, and is exactly what all new and experienced affiliate marketers should read.

Affiliate Rescue is a no-nonsense (no fluff), 60+ page how-to guide that provides various innovative ways to get fast traffic to your site without paying for it. The things I like best about these methods they are free (or almost free), super easy to do, and will get instant results. Some however, are controversial to say the least.

The authors have obviously attended the “school of hard knocks” and they reveal traffic generation tips that I haven’t seen from any other gurus, and that’s a fact, Jack.

I highly recommend all affiliate marketers pick up a copy of Affiliate Rescue because it will give you different ways of promoting affiliate products with little or no budget.

The title of the first chapter of Affiliate Rescue is “How to Start When you Have Almost no Money: Bankrupt, Broke, and On the Run”, and nicely sums up the intent of the whole book. Here’s an excerpt from that chapter:

Bankrupt, Broke and on the Run…
How To Start When You Have Almost No Money

First of all, let’s see if we can put your financials in order:

Stop buying everything new and fancy that comes out unless it will specifically enhance a part of the process you already follow.

Unsubscribe from all paid monthly membership sites and services you don’t use. Stop bleeding cash.

Stop spending all your money on things that only give you temporary pleasure. If you can put aside $300 for example, put them aside. Don’t go out and spend it on things that most people would (like alcohol and cigarettes for example). I’m not going to tell you how to live your life. But you may want to cut back on some “extras” for now so that you can have many more extras down the road. You are on a mission.

You can even sell things that you don’t need. Do you have a guitar that you don’t play with? Comic books from your childhood? Whatever. See if you can put them up on and get rid of them in exchange for money.

As you can see, no fluff, to the point, and direct. Most of this guide is very specific and is written in a simple step by step, “do this – do that” manner that just about anyone can follow.

I was visiting an internet forum and stumbled upon a thread where a poster was asking people to review this new ebook Affiliate Rescue on affiliate marketing.

Going through the posts, everyone was giving a thumbs up. Some even said that it is better than Ewen Chia’s “Super Affiliate” membership club, that cost an arm and a leg.

Well, with such good feedback from experienced internet marketers on that forum, I just had to check it out…

You probably wouldn’t believe that I picked up the book for a measly nine bucks! I was still skeptical, thinking that it would probably be just the same old standard affiliate marketing stuff that I’ve seen before.

I was surprised, to say the least! I finished Affiliate Rescue in one night (with videos too) and got so excited with all the cutting-edge ideas that I could implement immediately in my internet marketing business. I am glad that I don’t have to take years to figure out all these “under-the-radar” gems by myself…

Again, all the techniques taught are either free or low-cost and they’re very easy to implement, you can get them running in almost no time at all. In fact, you can apply these techniques to most affiliate products including your own products, PLR products, or resell right products. Many of the techniques are very unconventional and designed to get you quick cash into your pocket or bank account now instead of 3 months down the road.

When you visit the Affiliate Rescue site, remember to check out the testimonials. Besides the price tag, it’s the testimonials that confirmed my final decision. All of the testimonials are verifiable.

As you read Affiliate Rescue, you will find that there is no hype at all, the writers waste no time, they go straight to the point and show you what works. If you apply the techniques taught in your day-to-day online marketing efforts, I can guarantee that you will start to see cash flowing into your bank account.

What I really like about Affiliate Rescue is that it takes care of both the newbies as well as seasoned affiliate marketers. If you’re a newbie, you can use the techniques immediately. You don’t need to worry about losing money using PPC or spending a lot of time in SEO. Affiliate Rescue is well worth the investment.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of ebooks floating around on the Internet that claim to show you how to be successful in affiliate marketing and most of them are rehashed materials and they normally cost $47, $67 or $97. Affiliate Rescue is available now for only nine bucks HERE, get it now and see your profits skyrocket!

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