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Outsourcing a Kindle Book (ALERT!)

Hiya’s Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers!   Remember a few days ago, I posted a little post about the Kindle <- Click the link to read again… Well, I just learned of something related to the Kindle, and publishing on it, that YOU might want to check out: Dennis Becker wrote: When I started my [...]

Happy New Year! (and a reprint via Steven Wagenheim)

First up, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s hoping that Twenty Ten (2010) is all that you hope it will be… I had planned on running this (with permission) reprint some time back, but had gotten side-tracked with a number of things and didn’t get it here as planned. I think it fits even better NOW, than [...]

The FTC Act, Guidelines and stuff…

From the “FTC Act” aka 15 U.S.C. ยง 45 aka Section 5: “The Commission is hereby empowered and directed to prevent persons, partnerships, or corporations from using unfair methods of competition in or affecting commerce and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce.” Okay, so that’s what is said, in the unofficial [...]

Sam Crowley is Helping Thousands…

Yes, Sam Crowley is helping thousands achieve their dreams of making “Every Day Is Saturday”, won’t you let him help YOU? Hi Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers (and subscribers ), I just found out the Every Day Is Saturday 6 CD Master Audio Course sold out completely in record time….but Sam has just re-stocked the [...]

Make yourself accountable… quit the rat race

Hey there Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers! I hope you had a festive weekend! There’s nothing like getting together with family and friends. Over the weekend, as I was watching kids play in the park I began to really think about my life and where it’s headed. I was having such a great time with [...]

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