ECS Dave’s AWESOME Sweet Iced Tea Recipe

First, about an hour or so before you run out of your last batch…

Fill a gallon water jug about 2/3′s full, and place it into the freezer compartment of your icebox.

In a glass 2-cup measuring cup, microwave 2 cups water about 5 – 6 minutes until boiling hot, then place 3 Luzianne family sized tea bags into the water, pressing them down with a spoon until submerged. Cover with a small saucer.

About 10 -15 minutes later, while tea bags are still in water, pour off the tea brew into the jug of cold water (of course, hold the strings so the bags don’t fall out).

Then, while bags are in the empty cup, pour about a cup of cold water over them, into the cup.

Remove bags, leaving the water.

Add the water to the jug.

Measure 1 cup sugar into cup. Add enough water to fill cup to 1 and 2/3′s full.

Microwave this mixture about 3 minutes.

Stir until all sugar is dissolved.

Add the sugar water to the jug.

Fill the jug to the top, if room, with more cold water.

Cap the jug, shake vigorously.


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