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Outsourcing a Kindle Book
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How To Buy Rapid Action Profits (an instructional video)

After many intense production sessions, and more than a couple of editing ones, the BRAND NEW (awesome, if I say so myself) Rapid Action Profits script VIDEO has been released for public viewing.

This video is first in a series of instructional videos (that for the most part, if not all, will be FREE to view) on many HOW TO aspects of the Rapid Action Profits script, created by Sid Hale. Be sure to bookmark this link: to check for the latest video(s).

Here’s How To Buy Rapid Action Profits

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Someone mentioned “Where’s the links to buy Rapid Action Profits?”, so…

Here they are:

Rapid Action Profits (complete “core” script)

Rapid Action Profits 3 Pay (same as above)

Rapid Action Profits MemberPlus (“core” plus membership add-on)

Rapid Action Profits MemberPlus 4 Pay (same as above)

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A 72 Hour Guarantee?!?!?

Well that just f’n sucks… Whoever offers ONLY a 72 hours (3 day) guarantee for an information product, sold via the internet, should very possibly be SHOT! Okay, maybe not shot, but seriously maybe they should reconsider their policy. Either offer (at the very least) a 30 day guarantee, or NONE AT ALL! Myself, I’d [...]

The TWO Questions on Life

Life really boils down to 2 questions… 1. Should I get a dog…..? OR… 2. Should I have children? Now that I made you smile, pass it on to someone else who needs a laugh today!!! Just to let you know I’m thinking of you today. No matter what situations life throws at you… No [...]

Happy New Year! (and a reprint via Steven Wagenheim)

First up, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s hoping that Twenty Ten (2010) is all that you hope it will be… I had planned on running this (with permission) reprint some time back, but had gotten side-tracked with a number of things and didn’t get it here as planned. I think it fits even better NOW, than [...]


Here’s a 3 gift bundle by DAN KENNEDY and ROBERT ALLEN that I know will really benefit you in 2010 Closes Soon! Click the link above to gain FREE Gift access to a year-end holiday promotion, limited time DAN KENNEDY bundle including his course “From Mediocrity to Millionaire” and the packed audio training “What [...]

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