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Are You Winning the Crowd?

Are you “Winning the Crowd”?

I’m watching the movie GladiatorGladiator Movie again, and amid all the “blood” showers and such, there is a message. Before I tell you what that message is, let me mention something that, in “my” humble opinion, is NOT the way to “Win the Crowd”.

There are some who think that they are fooling the “Crowd” when they put PERSONAL in the subject line of their broadcast emails to their subscriber lists. Can you BELIEVE that? And what’s even more astounding, is that if you are on two (or more) of their lists, you’ll get two (or more) BROADCAST emails that say PERSONAL in the subject line. Now I don’t know about you, my valued Extra Cash Systems Weblog reader, but to me, that plain STINKS of NOT PERSONAL, but a thinly veiled attempt to get you to open that email.

In the email marketing business, getting your emails opened is perhaps the number one thing that you want to accomplish when you send them out. After all, if they don’t get opened (read), then whatever you’ve got to say in that email isn’t being seen, or read. Right?

Let me ask you this though, if you get an email that is marked “personal”, don’t you expect, and even have a right to expect, that it is PERSONAL? To you? Not to hundreds, maybe thousands of other email recipients? And if it isn’t REALLY personal, wouldn’t, and don’t you, feel LIED to?

Gladiator MovieGetting back to me watching the Gladiator movie. That thing is LONG. Which isn’t to say that it isn’t “entertaining”, and that the “message” is not a good message. What I am getting at here, is that I had to pause that thing, because I have a few other things that need to be done (including this blog, LOL), and had to get to them.

Since I had to pause that movie, and don’t quite have all of the “message” ready to share with you, I’m going to “pause” here, and PROMISE to deliver the rest of this post, tomorrow…

Be Well!
ECS Dave

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