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Rapid Action Profits Sales Page Questions (part 2)

Okay, continuing from yesterday’s post about explaining a little bit more about what Rapid Action Profits can do for an internet marketer looking to automate their efforts to maybe “quit their day job”, or work from home. Like I mentioned in the previous posting, this will take a couple of posts to do a “good” job, so be sure to come back here tomorrow to read some more…

Rapid Action Profits product box (for illustrative purposes)As I wrote, Rapid Action Profits is a digital products sales SYSTEM. With a “system” such as Rapid Action Profits, or RAP as it has become known as, you have quite a few choices that you can make, in regards to the things that you want RAP to do for you, and your online marketing efforts.

Yesterday, I left you at the installation process of Rapid Action Profits. The next step is adding a product for sale. Now this could be a product that you have created yourself, or one that you have obtained the rights to sell. Also, instead of perhaps what’s known as RR or even MRR (that’s Resell or Master Resell Rights) products, you have the choice of using Private Label Rights, better known as PLR.

What PLR is, could be compared to something like say shampoo. At the grocery store you might see a bottle of Super-Duper Shiny Hair plus Conditioning Shampoo by a well known brand name, and just a few inches away, you might spot a bottle of shampoo that says it does all the same things, but doesn’t have the same brand name on it. What that is, is a shampoo manufacturer has effectively taken a similar formulation and perhaps taken all the “hoopla” associated with the brand name away, and now offers the similar product at a reduced price. Now that’s not a “be all, end all” description of PLR, but I’d have to say that it’s close.

Now, with PLR, what you do is go over it, and make a few edits, perhaps add some things and maybe take some away, and then you put your “brand” on it. This could include links to other similar products, or services even. I actually have some PLR products for sale over at 321 Get It. I’m getting a little off track here though…Rapid Action Profits sales page header

Inside the Rapid Action Profits administration panel (which you’ll have seen upon installation) is a section where you add products for sale. It is within this section that you set pricing, affiliate percentages, and several other options. I’ll explain more about those, tomorrow…

If you’ve found what I’ve written thus far, enough to convince you that Rapid Action Profits is for you, you can go to and get a $47 discount celebrating the one year anniversary of the very first sale of RAP. ;)

I’ve put together a short video with some of Rapid Action Profits‘ benefits for marketing online, here… RAP Video

Rapid Action Profits Sales Page Questions (part 1)

I was visiting over at the Rapid Action Profits forum the other day, and I read a “pre-sales” question from a user. It was actually several questions, but one of the points the poster made, was about Sid Hale’s sales page for RAP. Now by no means (yet) am I a crack sales page writer, [...]

Rapid Action Profits Anniversary Sale and Special Offer

Rapid Action Profits Anniversary Sale

Stomping The Search Engines 2

YOU NEED TO READ THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY! I just can’t believe it – I STILL can’t believe it. Have you seen the video StomperNet released yesterday? They must REALLY want people to try this free first issue of “The Net Effect” monthly journal of theirs, because they’ve got more high-end bonuses than I’ve ever [...]

Gustav Mobilization Efforts Underway

Gustav Mobilization Efforts Underway Please consider helping… ECS Dave

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