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Using Covert Linking – Does It Pay?

Affiliate Marketing
Using Covert Linking – Does It Pay?

Hello again ECS Readers,

ECS Dave back again with
Another Extra Cash Systems Weblog post!

Are you still in that cave?
Reference the last post, to see what I mean.
We discussed Affiliate Marketing, and some great tips
on how to succeed at it. Today I am going to dig a little
deeper on one of the points that was made, Covert Linking.

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Covert Linking – What Is It?

A definition of covert linking:
“Covert linking or link cloaking is the practice of hiding
or otherwise masking the appearance of a link to a page.
Often used to hide, or mask affiliate links.”

An affiliate link, in this case, might be something similar
to this:

It has been said that some people might not click on a link
that looks like that. Various reasons are used, but the main ones
are that it looks “unappealing” or “it’s obvious that someone is
making money off of me”. Be that as it may, the number one “obstacle”to affiliate marketers, other than traffic, is appeal.

You want your customer to “CLICK THAT LINK“!

That’s where Covert Linking (or link cloaking) comes into play.

Make Your Links Appealing (clickable).

Masking your affiliate marketing links with another, more appealing
link has been proven to increase sales. Conversion rates have been
reported to be over 70% higher when Covert Links have been used.
Some Search Engine Optimization authorities have been quoted as
saying that used effectively, Covert Linking can improve organic
search engine results.

There are many products available that can cloak your affiliate links. Some use frames to hide the affiliate link in the location bar of your browser. Others use different ways of making Covert Links,
including JavaScript and PHP scripting to hide the affiliate links.

One Example: Rapid Action Profits – Yes, my affiliate ID is embedded in that link. Yet, you won’t see it. For your information, the use of the cloaked or Covert Link, is acceptable for this product. I checked!

A Warning About Using Covert Links.

There are more than a few affiliate networks that frown on the use of using Covert Links, or link cloaking. As mentioned above, there are various methods that can be used. Some are acceptable by different affiliate networks, while others are not. It is advised that you check the terms of the affiliate network that you are using to be sure.

In Conclusion

Hiding, masking, cloaking or using Covert Links can help an affiliate
marketer in their marketing efforts. It has been proven. Caution should be used however, before attempting to include these tactics in your campaigns. Make sure to check the terms of whatever affiliate network you choose to involve yourself in.

To Your Success,
ECS Dave

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