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Are you using the correct tools for your Extra Cash Systems?

Hi Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers!

Time again for another IMPORTANT post about getting your sites profitable…

New video uploaded over at youtube, shows how keyword research can be a vital part of internet marketing.

Here it is, “Essential Keyword Tools for Internet Marketers Review”, for your perusal:

Keyword Tools Review

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Yes, I know… Free tools are good, but – How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Ummm, found on the internet – words to live by

Jeepers Valued Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers, When was the last time I posted something “original”? Anyway, here’s something I found in the internet. Was I looking for this? Hmmm… Words to live by Without words the internet would not exist as we know it. Words are what we use to guide us through the [...]

Google Farmer | Google Slap | Bum Marketing

Hi Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers! Long time, no post, eh? If you remember, my last post – Original Content Penalty (Fact or Rumor?) – it talked about all kinds of myths, legends, and what-not related to CONTENT. Well, there’s been a NEW uproar recently, and this one is FACT! I have fine acquaintance who [...]

Original Content Penalty (Fact or Rumor?)

Content, Content, Everyone Screams CONTENT! I hear a rumor floating around that Matt Cutts is talking again about new Google Penalties… Some of you say that we should never listen to Matt Cutts because he only tells us what Google wants us to know… Yet others say that we should hang on his every word, [...]

It is NOT RAP, but… (AffiliateZip Instant Commission Plugin)

Hi Extra Cash Systems Weblog readers! As you may be aware, I post quite a bit about Rapid Action Profits (RAP) “Where’s the links to buy Rapid Action Profits?” Here they are: Rapid Action Profits (complete “core” script) Rapid Action Profits 3 Pay (same as above) Rapid Action Profits MemberPlus (“core” plus membership add-on) Rapid [...]

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