SCGM v7 Only 28 Left!

Source Code Gold Mine v7

You’re probably aware that Source Code Gold Mine
Version 7 has launched and is selling faster than ever
as it usually does.

What you may not know is that one of the products that
you get with your package is a full blown Blog Content
Distribution Network!

Just what is that?

Your Blog Content Distribution Network is your very
own membership site that provides people with all of
the niche blog content they could ever need.

The product is called Nitro Blogger and it’s one of
the best products we’ve ever put together. You get
250 pieces of rich blog content each and every month
and 100 pre-written comments all for your members.
This is all spread across 10 hot niches!

This will allow you to collect monthly fees for the
life of your customers and allow your buyers to go
into nearly a dozen niche markets each month with no

And before you start thinking “Great, I can’t maintain
a Blog Content Distribution Network month after
month”, we’ve taken care of that for you.

You’ll have access to monthly content for your members
for life as well as updated training for them!

That’s right, we even give you the training
materials/videos that your customers need to get
started which will eliminate nearly all support on
your end.

But we’re really just getting started…

We also provide you with a full blown members area
ready to upload and start serving members!

You will also receive the *already updated* membership
area pages each and every month so you don’t even have
to update your members area. This includes all of
your new content for that month as well!

We’ll even go as far as writing your membership
notification e-mail to notify your customers that the
current months products are available.

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing for you to
do to start, maintain and profit from your own Blog
Content Distribution Network with our Nitro Blogger

I want you to look at a very conservative scenario
right now so you can see the potential that you have
in front of you.

Let’s say that all you do is generate 40 subscribers
over the course of a few months time with minimal
advertising or promotion or a bit of article

Now, at a fair price for you membership of $20 a
month, that’s $800 a month in profit!

Can you say passive income?

Obviously, Nitro Blogger is an awesome product and I’m
incredibly proud of it but I have some even bigger

Nitro Blogger is merely ONE of the TEN products in Version 7! You read right,
you get nine other hot products ready to sell!

These all come fully loaded with websites, graphics,
sales letters, order buttons, download pages, a resale
rights sales letter for each product, etc.

These are plug and play businesses that you slap your
name on and launch without any work on your part!

I absolutely urge you to get moving and click over to
the site immediately… Version 7

To your success, and…

Be Well!
ECS Dave

P.S. If the Nitro Blogger product excited you, just
wait until you see the 9 other products that you get.
There also something incredibly big happening at the
site that I can’t mention in this e-mail.

See you there… Version 7

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