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SEO Update – Google Farmer, Panda, +1

Hi there Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers! Have your SEO efforts begun to appear to have no effect on your search engine results page rankings lately? Are you thinking that the Original Content Penalty has been sown by the “Google Farmer”? Or maybe, has the seeming ZOO of SEO advice been replaced with gigantic “Google [...]

Google Farmer | Google Slap | Bum Marketing

Hi Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers! Long time, no post, eh? If you remember, my last post – Original Content Penalty (Fact or Rumor?) – it talked about all kinds of myths, legends, and what-not related to CONTENT. Well, there’s been a NEW uproar recently, and this one is FACT! I have fine acquaintance who [...]

Is It Possible For PLR Content to Help You With Your Search Engine, And Article Marketing?

Search engine optimization and article marketing have to go hand in hand if you’re going to have a successful article marketing campaign. Your consideration to detail and finding just the right keywords are essential, but so is learning how to make use of them properly. Search engine optimization, or SEO writing is utilizing key phrases [...]


3 Common SEO Myths (And Why You Need To Know They’re Wrong.) We all know how EXTREMELY important SEO is for our online businesses… I mean, you can pay for traffic, you can buy advertising… But targeted organic traffic rushing to your website… Eager buyers finding your site naturally, that’s where you build a REAL [...]

DripFeed Robot Review

I recently purchased DripFeed Robot from Wil and John, and can say that it is a nifty piece of work. It allows you to schedule future tweets to your twitter account. It also allows you to have tweets scheduled to different twitter accounts that you have, all from one central admin panel, that you log [...]

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