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SEO Update – Google Farmer, Panda, +1

Hi there Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers! Have your SEO efforts begun to appear to have no effect on your search engine results page rankings lately? Are you thinking that the Original Content Penalty has been sown by the “Google Farmer”? Or maybe, has the seeming ZOO of SEO advice been replaced with gigantic “Google [...]

Social Buzz, Google’s +1, and Extra Cash Systems!

Here’s a post, Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers, published on the Traffic Master blog… Much ado has been, and is being made about “social buzz” and Google’s latest announcement about “+1″. I think it’s fascinating the “buzz” around all this. Now, I am NOT dismissing anything here, because the thing is, is this, there’s been [...]

Let’s Get SOCIAL! (Do You Like Me?)

Hi Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers!   The following post is sponsored by… Blogging System Guru – Become a Profitable and “Liked” Blogger, with Blogging System Guru Today! I just uploaded a short video to youtube, and was prompted to upload it by something I did, and… something I read. The something I did, well [...]

Google Farmer | Google Slap | Bum Marketing

Hi Extra Cash Systems Weblog Readers! Long time, no post, eh? If you remember, my last post – Original Content Penalty (Fact or Rumor?) – it talked about all kinds of myths, legends, and what-not related to CONTENT. Well, there’s been a NEW uproar recently, and this one is FACT! I have fine acquaintance who [...]

More Visitors to Your Websites? SuperCharged SEO!

Search engine optimization, SEO, is what makes your site able to be found when a person looking for the information they want searches for that information, and your site appears in the SERPs, search engine results pages… If you are like me then you are always looking for new ways to increase traffic and sales [...]

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