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Chris Douthit’s Internet Advertising Studio is a HIT!

INTERNET ADVERTISING STUDIO for 50% Off (1st 100 Only!) Do you want to make real money online that boils down getting targeted traffic and turning that traffic into sales? Then I have a solution that is absolutely 100% guaranteed to work for you… In a Hurry? Click Here: INTERNET ADVERTISING STUDIO Over the past several [...]


3 Common SEO Myths (And Why You Need To Know They’re Wrong.) We all know how EXTREMELY important SEO is for our online businesses… I mean, you can pay for traffic, you can buy advertising… But targeted organic traffic rushing to your website… Eager buyers finding your site naturally, that’s where you build a REAL [...]

Niche Socializer is Coming

There’s a revolution coming. It’s going to let you hop onto the biggest trend in the history of the world wide web. Then it’s going to let you claim a slice of the monstrous profit pie that’s out there waiting for people who know what they’re doing. The trend is social networking, and you HAVE [...]

Butterfly Marketing 2.0 Bonus (Relaunch)

I just received this email from the one and only Mike Filsaime, Hi , What the heck happened to the Butterfly Marketing Launch when we went Live yesterday at 1PM? Well, we were not able to go live. The EARLY BIRD list hit our servers so fast that we could not handle the traffic from [...]

How Do You Win the Crowd?

Yesterday I wrote a post, Are you “Winning the Crowd”?, somewhat related to me watching the movie Gladiator again, and I promised to finish that post today, after I finished watching it. So, here I am, fulfilling that promise. I took from watching that movie this message, HONESTY, being true to yourself, and to others, [...]

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